“It’s annoyingly time consuming to get all your data into a personal knowledge management system… right?“

Managing personal knowledge can be overwhelmingly complex and time-consuming, especially when grappling with systems like Zettelkasten, the PARA method, or tools like Obsidian. The jargon, the learning curve – it can all seem insurmountable.

  • Need to jot down thoughts quickly and effortlessly?
  • Struggling to retrieve information without hassle?
  • Want to seamlessly link ideas and insights?
  • Looking for an easy way to manage and track your knowledge?
  • Can you do all of this with confidence in the security of your data?

To answer these questions, you need to have mastered multiple tools, read books on the zen of note taking and worst of all, have to set aside time to curate your notes - outside of your busy daily routine.

Imagine a world where note-taking is intuitive and effortless. Where organizing and connecting your thoughts happens naturally, without the need for complex categorization or tagging.

How will Wruddle help you?

Wruddle comes with all the basic features that you come to expect from any note and productivity tool:

  • Wruddle simplifies note-taking with intuitive entry, unlimited space, and a powerful search function.
  • Our innovative approach to categorization lets you focus on your thoughts, not the process. Write freely, and Wruddle intelligently organizes and links your notes.
  • Stay informed and connected with advanced metadata tracking, seeing the bigger picture of your ideas and projects.

But that’s not all, you need more than just writing thoughts down. Here’s what you get when you use Wruddle (and not other tools).

  • End your challenges with folders and tagging - just write your thoughts and Wruddle will figure out what to categorise things by. You get to say what’s what. When you talk about a person or a project, you get to apply a category to this information - Wruddle remembers it and connects it to other important information.
  • Create project
  • Track your information with meta data like… when did you last catch up with this person or what’s the status of a project. Keep all this alongside your notes and update information when you are thinking or talking about those topics.
  • Create project
  • Filter information and see all notes related to a topic with two clicks.
  • Trust that others can’t access your deepest thoughts with strong end to end encryption.
  • Write notes without thinking. Mention important topics naturally. E.g., I'm working on a Website Redesign project.


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